Norwegian polar aquarium
“This is the best render farm I have ever worked with,they helped finish the work within 33 hours which should been done in 3 months.The VSO Cloud fixed a lot of mistakes ...【MORE】
Kung Food
Kung Food is an original created animation from the domestic team :Yi Animation.This well-known animation team the Super Baozi. which used to attend Berlin International Film Fe...【MORE】
The Magical Brush
The Magical Brush is a domestic animation with Disney’technical support and investment.This 3D animation was designed as Disney style.In order to match the qualification fr...【MORE】
Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn
Dragon Nest is one fantasy roman movie adapted from the well-known multiplayer online game Dragon Nest.Created by the Mili Picture ,produced by Bill Borden, the famous producer...【MORE】
Mystery Of The Sea
China Port Museum Mystery of the sea was created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it’s the first 3D film in China that created in Blender. It was the opening show ...【MORE】
2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Game
Like other Olympic event, the 2014 Summer Youth Games has its own logo. VSO Cloud rendered the video of YOGDNA ‘s logo and the sports show. The logo consists of 3 ...【MORE】

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