Mysterious adventure with Daddy and Mommy
Published by China Central Television First film animation of the classical serial The son dreams to be a spaceman, then he makes a mysterious adventure plan with his Daddy and Mommy. VSOCloud rendered this film animation by efficient project management and resource scheduling. 【MORE】
Fugue Ocean
Fugue Ocean is 4D spherical screen that use the short video to take the audience to roam in the lifelike simulations of building and architecture cross the world. From thi...【MORE】
Flying Dinosaur
The first 4D VFX scientific film in China The Flying Dinosaur is a scientific animation of dinosaur evolve to bird. It is a story about a boy named Ning time traveled back t...【MORE】
Super Rabbit
Super Rabbit was created by Jet Tone Film production and Hiali Animation. It's a story about a rabbit family trying to protect their queen, and fighting with the Bear group. VSOCloud provided the render service, guaranteed the film published on time. 【MORE】
Weihai China Town
Large-scale cultural scenic spot - the panoramic-view video of the Weihai China Town The Weihai China Town is a large-scale cultural scenic spot shows the Oriental classical c...【MORE】
Film Animation: Seer 3 & 4
Seer 3 With a production cost of $ 2.5 billion and a box office record of $ 12.5 billion, this film was a big surprise in the summer of 2013. We used high performance c...【MORE】

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