Roco Kingdom 4
The 4th season of serial animation film “Roco Kingdom” Won a great box office record of Summer Break Films in 2015 Roco Kingdom was directed by Hugues Martel, nominated b...【MORE】
Enchanted Mirror Romance
Enchanted Mirror Romance was published by Taeson culture technology, Emei film group, and Beijing Fashionriz Culture and Media Co.,Ltd. It's the story about Snow White fighting with the Queen, and finally find her soul mate. VSOCloud provide the professional and efficient render service. 【MORE】
Chang Jiang Qi Hao
The 3D animation CJ7 was created and published by Bingo Group Limited. The story is about a boy named Dicky. Dicky and his friends found this adorable alien creature CJ7 by...【MORE】
Chinese New Year Painting
Intangible cultural heritage serial animation supported by Ministry of Culture. Chinese New Year Painting is the intangible culture heritage in China.This educational animation i...【MORE】
Imperial Mausoleums
The first chronicle epic animation documentary in China Imperial Mausoleum is a documentary animation.It shows the flourish and decline of the earlier Han Dynasty in BC 210.Ha...【MORE】
Jet Propulsion
88 Episodes American serial animation Jet Propulsion is the American serial animation with 88 episodes. This crafted serial animation was subcontract to VSOCloud. Numerous of d...【MORE】

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