How to set the transfer parameters of VSO Cloud Drive?
LHDT (Landhigh Data Transfer) was a new transfer solution designed and created by Landhigh Tech. Based on a large amount of test results, it has been proven that LHDT could in...【MORE】
How to upload MAYA project?
Click left-hand-side Assignment Management->Submit Assignment Or Click the Maya button in Submit Assignments Shutcut. Step1:Choose the scene which you want to render Types...【MORE】
How about rendering performance of the the VSOCLOUD™-Rendering platform?
Details:How about rendering performance of the the VSOCLOUD™-Rendering platform? What are the rendering resources? VSOCLOUD™ Render Farm is built and supported by Landhigh...【MORE】
Will VSO Coins be expired?
Details:Will VSO Coins, collecting from the VSOCLOUD™-Rendering platform, be expired? Are they keep in the account all the time? The VSO Coin of participating in the activi...【MORE】
How to view the data detail of the assignment submitted?
Double click the assignment submitted in Manage Assignment, a table of task details opend. You can check details of the assignment that it has submitted in Frame List and Task Details. 【MORE】
Diffrent machines bring different 3Ds MAX rendering results?
Details: What should I do if there exists color differences in the results of different machines rendering If one machine has calibrated Gamma value while other machines still us...【MORE】

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