Dragon Nest, Rise of the Black Dragon

Release date  2016-08-26 14:56:22

In 2014, Dragon Nest, Rise of the Black Dragon, a film with a combination of magic, detective, family and love elements was produced. This was produced by Hollywood Production Team with two years, Disney producer Bill Burton was the one who in charge of this film. The film has shown on 31 of July 2014. This was also the first part of the trilogy, Dragon Nest. Based on the original story, fifty years ago, the Black Dragon suddenly attacked us, then the stories started. The story was revised form an online game with an imaginary theme and an international production team, ready to be promoted to all people around the world. Many of people still believed that the Chinese animation film produced the film with ink-painting- style together with the theme of traditional myth. However this time we produced an animation full of international elements, this maybe the first step of Chinese animation film to be promoted to the world.


In 2014,Comparing to other rendering job by VSOCLOUD, Dragon Nest, Rise of the Black Dragon has a much greater scene size and a longer time in a single frame rendering time. Facing over 1TB of the data transmission requirement every day, VSOCLOUD rendering also raise the Ethernet to 100MB which allow fastest data transfer, in order to ensure the synchronization of resources and to transfer the rendering result to producer immediately and ensure a faster postproduction by the film producer. VSOCLOUD has also used a CPU with more core and more internal storage to enhance a higher quality of outcome production. VSOCLOUD self-proposed Golder Farm, has shown the high flexibility and advantage of easy to control. The producer of the film has complete data of the parameter setting. Golden Farm decided to delete the redundant setting the parameter in order to reduce the error ratio. In order to stop the rendering procedure when any mistake is detected, we have separate two functions, scene analysis and rendering, scene analysis, allow the scene to undergo a pre-rendering to ensure the outcome of rendering is the same as what you expect, followed by rendering.


VSOCLOUD keep on supporting Chinese animation development. Kung Food, Seer, Boonie Bears etc. have chosen VSOCLOUD to complete the rendering service. Some high schools with animation major also choose to cooperate with VSOCLOUD, to build up their rendering platform. VSOCLOUD will help to promote the Chinese animation to the world.

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