VSOCLOUD in 2016 Annecy International Animated Film Festival

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Annecy International Animated Film Festival was held successfully in June,14th to 20th.
 VSOCLOUD, the integrated service platform which is the first to develop the cloud-based culture and creativity industry and Chinese animation industry, was invited to the festival.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2016
Annecy International Animated Film Festival ,the longest and the most influential effect of 4 mainly animation festivals ,started from 1960.It has the same standing in animation industry as Oscar Award and Canned Award.
This year numerous professional organization and animators from all over the world were attracted to this exhibition, such as DreamWorks Studio. Disney,Pixar Animation Studio, Siggraph, Wocam and Unity etc.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (Mifa):
the major international event for over 9,000 industry professionals.

During the exhibition ,the VSOCLOUD displayed of how to use the platform to integrate resources, co-create and incubate projects. VSOCLOUD is the latest ,business-ready incubation platform. Combined the internet ,cultural creativity and finance which relies on the industry advantage of Communication University of China ,also the powerful resources of the Tianhe super computer.

In recent years, VSOCLOUD keeps gathering elements of resources, talents, capital that are related to the field of culture and creativity. It covers film and television animation, visual architecture, game production, industrial design, software development including thousands of companies, studios and millions of designers. The progress of VSO resources integration is obvious. On June 15th, Dr. Lu yong quan, the CEO of LANDHIGH TECH announced that the company has complete hundreds of millions of Finance Mode B and the capital was raised from Addor Capital, Venture Capital and Jiangsu Cultural Investment Management Group.

After several years of development in the field of animation, VSOCLOUD has provided professional services to large number of famous animation companies and is praised by more and more business and experts in this industry. In 2014, VSOCLOUD rendered the film Dragon Nest · Warriors' dawn and completed over 183000 frames which is 90% of the total tasks. In 2015, VSOCLOUD offered professional teams and services of production to the third best animation Super Wings and properly estimated, solved the potential risks of process, the quality and the cycle of this project to help improve the efficiency of animation production. VSOCLOUD also helped produce a large part of Mausoleum, which is the first large-scale chronological animated documentary in China, in a short time in the form of crowdsourcing service. This has started a new mode of domestic documentary production. Moreover, VSOCLOUD used Tianhe cloud platform for rendering and strong computing resources with 24-hour special service team to finish the rendering work of Roco Kingdom 4 and Fruity Robo and was highly appreciated by movie directors.


The first chronicle epic animation documentary in China

Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn

Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn
VSOCloud was the render service provider.

In addition, a few series of animations belonging to Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Company were subcontracted to VSOCLOUD. The platform provided one-stop service of team selection, management of production, software and hardware for many film and television animation works, such as Seer III: Heroes Alliance, Seer 4: Trinity war, Bears Out 4, Kung food, Bobby the Hedgehog, Rabbit Hero, Enchanted, Cheung Gong Chat Hou (animation), Robb Rabbit, Xi Ha Ying Xiong and so on.

Seer 4: Trinity war

Seer 3

Seer III: Heroes Alliance

Seer 4

VSOCLOUD brought the latest production ideas to the world's premier Animation Film Festival. It not only puts efforts into expanding the platform service to the whole world, but also proving that Chinese animation is developing and has the indispensable place in animation industry.

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