The Completion of Contract Signing and Rendering Starting in VSOCLOUDHong Kong.

Release date  2017-04-18 10:23:13

On December 3rd,2015,the opening and signing ceremony of VSOCLOUD Hong Kong Render Farm was held successfully in Hong Kong. Xu MeiJian, the vice mayor of Suzhou ,Jiangsu ,the chairman of Land High Tech Company, Lu YongQuan etc, together initiated the rendering service in Hong Kong.10  representative of Suzhou and Hong Kong attended this signing ceremony .


In order to promote the VSOCLOUD service in HongKong VSOCloud,China Telecom Global Limited and the Unicorn Studios, the  well-known cultural creative company in Hone Kong, together signed the cooperation contract.

Zou Qun Xin,the director of Suzhou Economic and Information Commission. Expressed his warm congratulations for the starting of rendering service in HongKong VSOCLOUD……..It integrated the network technique .It is also a mode of all working together in the operation and management. This will help greatly for the promotion of the communication among different cultural creative industries.Zhou sincerely wished VSOCLOUD could reach huge success and could become the model of Suzhou enterprise in HongKong.

The chairman of Land High Tech Lu Yong Quan mentioned that, rendering is one of the core business of VSOCLOUD. Since 2013, VSOCLOUD cooperate with China “Super Computer”, ”Tian He No.1 and Tian He No.2”. This help establish three new centers, North China Center, South China Center and East China Center, which is the first step to promote VSOCLOUD to whole China. Making use of the advantage of Tian He calculator, VSOCLOUD has already built up the world’s largest and fastest rendering platform. VSOCLOUD starting in Hong Kong is the important step as this can help us to further develop the Europe and American market, to serve the customers all around the world. Through VSOCLOUD Hong Kong can have richer resources and meet more cooperation parties. Hong Kong will be the center of globalization of VSOCLOUD.

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